After piecing together a plan over email and long range phone calls with Colorado based fly fisherman Dustin, we finally met up in March to begin another Trout Tale in Tasmania. We set off from on a cool day and laid plans to venture to the Central Highlands, despite a less than ideal forecast.

Being from Colorado, Dustin was no stranger to cold weather, and my warning that we were in for a chilly day out on the water was met with a grin and comments around temperatures currently being two or three times lower at home in the US.

Although cool in the Highlands, we were still hopeful that water temperatures would have the fish searching for hatching mayfly nymphs and other sub-surface activity. Throughout the day we covered a range of fly fishing topics and worked on casting, fly selection and other aspects that Dustin was looking to improve in his fly fishing game.

Being a beginner fisherman I was a bit worried a guided fishing trip would be not worth it for me. Boy was I wrong! My experience was actually quite the opposite. Matt did a phenomenal job of taking care of everything, giving me some pointers on my cast, explaining the local Mayfly hatch characteristics and answering all of my other questions – both fishing and non-fishing related.

I wouldn’t hesitate to book a guided tour with Matt if I ever visit Tasmania again. He’s also a fantastic cook. ” – Dustin Mitchell

We are passionate about creating a unique Trout Tale for each and every one of our clients based on their experience level, focus areas and what they want to achieve from a day out with us. Please don’t hesitate to call us and discuss how we can help make your fly fishing journey to Tasmania a once in a lifetime experience.

brown trout, Trout Tale, Tasmanian trout
A typical Tasmanian brown trout – landed during another successful Trout Tale journey

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