The age old question for travelling fly fishers all around the world – to engage the services of a fly fishing guide or not? Clearly, myself and my fellow fly fishing guides in Tasmania agree, hell yes! I strongly believe that local knowledge is one of the most powerful tools you can have when travelling to a new area to fly fish. It is a valuable investment that will bring extraordinary returns to your experience.

A fly fishing guide can get you to the fish efficiently and assist in you in many areas of fly fishing
The rewards of using a local fly fishing guide

Most fly fishing guides in Tasmania and all around the world have dedicated a large portion of their lives to spending time on the water, searching out the best and most reliable fishing locations, testing flies, trialing different techniques and studying fish behaviors in a range of conditions and seasons. When you put all of this knowledge and experience together, you get a service that can make the difference between a fair fly fishing trip and the fly fishing trip of a lifetime!

The fraternity of fly fishing guides in Tasmania is a reasonably small group and we all draw on each others experiences throughout the season to ensure we are giving each and every client the best possible experience whilst they are in Tasmania. It is this widespread knowledge that you can count on to ensure your financial investment in a guide is money well spent.

A day of guided fly fishing may not appear to be a cheap day out for many anglers. Even if you can’t afford the cost of a full day out with a guide, I would encourage fly fishers of any experience level to get in touch with a local guide to discuss what options may be available. Remember, fly fishing is a life long passion for most guides and helping people achieve their fly fishing dreams is what gets us out of bed each morning, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

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