New Zealand fly fisherman Jack Kos reflects on his recent trip to Tasmania, and outlines why all fly fishers should come and trout fish Tasmania.

“Most people didn’t get it. Why would you leave the world’s best trout fishing behind? Tasmania seemed a long way to go to catch fish half the size I can catch an hour from home in New Zealand. A few got it, though. They shared my desire for variety, for new and different experiences. To that end, I felt it important to go into this trip with an open mind. If we attempted to replicate the type of fishing we do in New Zealand, we were almost guaranteed to be disappointed, but if we sought out what made Tasmania special, then I was sure we’d find it.”

“We had no set plans, no set agenda. We had a location to base ourselves from and we had a certain willingness to learn and to explore.”

“My companion for this trip was my father, Stephen. In my early days of fly fishing it was the norm to fish with him, but once I moved to a new city to study, we were lucky to steal a few days a season. So this trip was somewhat of a reversion to the days of old, and one I was very much looking forward to for reasons beyond fishing. Fishing with Dad is not without its benefits either, as accommodation, food and drink reach higher standards than a mere student budget can reach.”

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trout fish tasmania
Gold from the Tasmanian Highlands

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